How to make baby quilts?

How to make baby quilts?

Nothing makes a better gift for a newborn than a baby quilt. With so many baby quilt patterns on the market, you have the option of choosing so many.

One thing that we really like about baby quilts is that they are generally easy to make. This is how many quilters have started. By learning how to make a baby quilt, sewers are learning the ins and outs of sewing and the machine, along with different methods of quilting. Once they saw the completed project, they were hooked on making quilts.

One of the best baby girl quilt patterns we have seen is the Turnstile Baby block quilt. This is an elegant baby quilt pattern that just repeats 9 times. Talk about easy baby quilt patterns!

A baby boy quilt pattern we adore is the soft and snuggly strip quilt. Perhaps it is part of the fabric that is used, but this snuggle little quilt will be a treasure for years to come.

If you are looking for a quilt pattern for a newborn, consider the modern baby quilt. This easy baby quilt pattern is for both baby boys and girls. For this baby quilt, you will need:

  • Blocks of various fabrics
  • Approximately 1/3-yard fabric for binding
  • 1 1/3-yard fabric for the quilt back
  • Approximately 1 1/3-yard batting

These blocks can be material that is purchased just for this quilt or it can be leftover scraps that you have. Once you have cut the blocks the size that you need them, you will follow the tutorial for “How to make a quilt”.

Baby Quilt Ideas

There are endless quilt ideas for baby quilts. Baby quilt sizes typically measure between 36 inches X 36 inches to 52 inches X 52 inches. Both of these sizes, and everything in between, will keep babies warm and toasty.

A cute baby girl quilt pattern that is simple is to alternate pink, yellow, and white squares. These squares can be as big as you desire, although we personally feel that smaller squares look better. If you like this idea for a baby boy, consider using blue, green and white squares.

If you are an advanced sewer, you may find that you want to make a hexagon quilt pattern. These look great for any quilt, and any mother or father would be pleased to obtain this type of quilt for a gift.

If hexagons aren’t your thing, consider hearts for a baby girl quilt. Several hearts can be sewn together to make one large pattern. You may also consider circles, triangles, or rectangle patterns to make both baby boy and girl quilts.

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

If you are new to making quilts, consider sticking to an easy baby quilt pattern. These patterns often do not have many designs for them. You can even make it easier on yourself by purchasing already cut quilt blocks. This way you only need to pin the squares together, sew them, then assemble the “quilt sandwich”.

Many of these materials have cute baby prints on them. We have seen some with little elephants on them that would work for both boys and girls. Others are on the girly side with unicorns or princesses on them. But they make boy options too, such as ones with dump trucks or dinosaurs. You can also purchase solid colored already cut blocks to use with these prints. You may even be able to find some blocks that have designs on them, such as polka dots, zigzags, lines, or a chevron print in the colors of your blanket.