How to make photo quilts?

How to make photo quilts?

If you love quilts, then you are bound to love photo quilts just as much, if not more. Photo quilts are an amazing product that uses images you have handpicked. The custom quilts make great wedding gifts, anniversary presents, graduation ideas, or a housewarming present. Or if you simply like to make quilts, this is a different option to try.

There are many places online that can help you make a photo quilt. You can upload your quilt images to make quilts that are perfect for anyone. These custom quilts can have different backgrounds or borders. Many of the designers online will also let you pick a theme, such as Halloween, Family, Love, Camping, The Great Outdoors, and more.

In order to make handmade quilts using photos at home, you can use the following how-to steps.

  1. Step One

    Gather your materials. You will need the following to make a photo quilt:

    • 100% white cotton fabric for an image printing
    • Fat quarters for quilt squares
    • 2 yards of material for binding and backing
    • Batting measuring 36” X 48”
    • Bubble Jet Rinse
    • A large tray to use for soaking
    • Paper and pencil
    • Cardboard to cut for templates
    • Computer with an inkjet printer
    • Phone or digital camera
    • Sewing supplies
  2. Step Two

    Cut wax paper into 8 ½” X 11″ sheets.

    Wash all fabric you will be using for the homemade photo quilt and then iron it. At this time, you can also cut the white cotton fabric slightly larger than the wax paper you have cut in step two.

  3. Step Three

    Soak the white fabric in the Bubble Jet Set 2000, which can be purchased online if you cannot find it in stores. Soak for five minutes, then place on a towel to dry completely.

    On an ironing board, lay your wax paper shiny side up. Place the treated white fabric on top. Press until the fabric is bonded to the wax paper. Trim the excess fabric, then print the pictures on this material running it through your printer. This must be done immediately.

    Allow the printed fabric to dry for half an hour.

  4. Step Four

    Draw a picture of how you wish the quilt to look. This will give you an idea of how you need to sew the handmade photo quilt together.

    You can use a rotary cutter for cutting your shapes for the quilt. Layout the quilt how you desire it to look, and then begin sewing.

    Once you have gotten to this point, you can use the steps that are listed in the Frequently asked questions about quilts “How to Make Quilts”.

Ideas for Your Custom Quilt with Images

There are many ways you can put together a photo quilt. Some ideas that you may wish to use are as follows:

  • Use hearts that have images in the middle of them. The theme of this quilt could be a family theme or a love theme. It would be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
  • If you are giving the gift as a graduation present, consider using photos of the graduate from their first year of school up until the time they graduated. You can use materials for the backing that are related to either the school, such as the school colors or the mascot, or use material that has a school theme.
  • Wedding themed custom photo quilts are a gift that will not only be much appreciated, but they are unique and say you are creative. Consider making the quilt in the colors of the wedding. Place images of both the bride and groom together on it. You may also want to use their names and wedding date on the quilt. Or you could do an image of their wedding announcement as well.
  • If you are making a photo quilt for yourself, consider using your favorite colors, incorporate your favorite sports team, foods, animals, sayings, or anything else you can think of. Make it all about you as it will be your very own.
  • Consider using black and white images for photo quilts. These will look sharp against darker shades of fabric.
  • If black and white is not your thing, but you do not care for how the images look in color, consider using Sepia. This is a great hue that has an old-time or vintage look.
  • Remember quilt pictures of all sizes can be used for your photo quilt. These quilt images will look great when they are arranged together.
  • If a loved one’s pet has recently passed away, a great memory gift is a memory quilt. Find a few pictures of the cat, dog, or whatever pet it was, and make a small photo quilt using these images. Your loved one will be happily surprised that you care enough to make them a memorable gift for their beloved fur baby.