How to make rag quilts?

How to make rag quilts?

Rag quilts are an amazing looking quilt. The seams are exposed in these quilts, so they will fray once they are washed. What many love about these quilts is that they are so soft and comfortable. They are perfect for cuddling up on a cold night or for movies on the couch. As these are trendy pieces, they look perfect in a teenager’s room on their bed. Or you could consider putting one in your guest room for extra comfort.

We have found that rag quilts make a wonderful gift. A baby rag quilt will be a treasured gift for years to come. You may find that they are a great wedding gift, anniversary present, birthday gift, or more as there are many rag quilt patterns to choose from. These rag quilts also make the perfect gift for when people are sick, especially flannel rag quilts because they are so warm and soft.

Quilt Size Chart

When making a rag quilt, referring to a quilt size chart is always handy. A quilt size chart will break down measurements for you.

For a baby rag quilt that measures 36 inches X 48 inches that has a cut square size of 5 will have a seam allowance of ½ inch. The finished square size will be 4 with 9 rows and 12 columns. You will need 108 squares per layer.

The same baby rag quilt that has a cut square size of 14 will have a seam allowance of 1 inch. The finished square size will be 12 with 3 rows and 4 columns. You will need 12 squares per layer.

For a crib rag quilt that measures 27 inches X 52 inches that has a cut square size of 5 will have a seam allowance of ½ inch. The finished square size will be 4 with 7 rows and 13 columns. You will need 91 squares per layer.

For a throw quilt size that measures 50 inches X 60 inches that has a cut square size of 5 will have a seam allowance of ½ inch. The finished square size will be 4 with 13 rows and 15 columns. You will need 195 squares per layer.

The following steps can be followed to make a rag quilt:

  1. Step One
    Pick your fabrics. Be sure that 2 out of the 3 fabrics that you pick are easily frayed. The top layer will work great for cotton or flannel. We really like to use flannel for the second layer. The third layer can be any fabric, but mink or soft fabrics are ones that we feel are best. You will need four yards of each of the materials that you have picked, along with matching thread. Other materials that you will need include:

    • Rotary cutter
    • Ruler
    • Washable marking pen
    • Sewing pins
    • Sewing machine
    • Walking foot
    • Scissors (spring-loaded are recommended when cutting frays so the hand does not tire easily)
  2. Step Two
    Cut each of the fabrics into 8-inch squares, separating the fabric as you go.
  3. Step Three
    Assemble your quilt squares. Start with the third layer of your rag quilt, placing it right side down on the table. You will then add your second layer. It will not matter which way this fabric is laid. The top layer will need to be placed right side up.
  4. Step Four
    Mark an X on the top of each one with a washable fabric marker, then pin each together. Sew the X on your sewing machine.
  5. Step Five
    Design your quilt to how you would like the squares to line up. Take a picture if need be.
  6. Step Six
    Sew the stacks together with a 1/2-inch allowance. This can be done by placing one stack wrong side up on the table and placing another wrong side down on top of this. Sew until you have 9 rows of 7 squares.

    When sewing the rows together, put the wrong sides together with your first two rows and sew. Sew with ½ inch allowance, sewing all the rows together in this manner.

  7. Step Seven
    Sew completely around the outside of the quilt with ½ allowance. You will then clip the seam allowance between all the squares with a measurement of ¼ to ½ inches apart. Do not cut through the stitching.

    Once this has been done for the entire quilt, wash it so the material frays.

Rag quilts are becoming a very popular trend in quilting. This type of quilt is not only fun to make but feels great against the skin. These simple quilts are a great gift for anyone or can be enjoyed by yourself once you have made one. After making your first one, you will see how simple they are to make, even though they look like they took hours of hard work.